Reconfigurable antenna thesis

In this paper, efficient and compact frequency reconfigurable 9-shape monopole antenna has been designed using an FR4 substrate of thickness 1. The absence and presence of a small metal piece has been used to imitate the off-state and on-state of the PIN-diode.

Our prices are affordable and fast delivery of completed content is done through email. Geometry The geometry and structural dimensions of the designed 9 shaped monopole antenna for Wi-Fi 2. In our group, we have developed a continuously reconfigurable antenna at GHz by monolithically integrating the paraffin PCM capacitors with a slot antenna.

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By integrating the radiating element with different types of switches RF-MEMS, lumped elements, varactor diodes and optical switchesthe desired resonance frequency can be obtained. The simulated refection coefficient of this antenna shows dual band and triple band from 2 GHz to 5.

The antenna is reconfigured using a single switch SW to obtain dual band 2. Micrograph of the fabricated reconfigurable antenna.

This design is used for overlay cognitive radio in which one antenna is for sensing and other for communication.

Design and Analysis of Frequency Reconfigurable Micro strip Antennas

Section 2 describes the designing procedure and geometry of 9-shaped monopole antenna. The third design is proposed for underlay cognitive radio system in which UWB antenna is used which radiate at very low power.

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For further clarity the 3D directivity far-field plots are shown in Fig. The switchinh states are listed in Table 2. The log periodic is reconfigured by placing switches between the patches and the feed line whilst the Vivaldi antenna has switched resonators controlling the current in the edges of the tapered slots.

The resonant lengths and guided wavelengths are related as: Furthermore, the work has been extended to study a reconfigurable DRA linear array where several designs have been investigated including single and dual-slot for two and four-element linear arrays.

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To excite the designed monopole antennna wave guide port is employed. Scattering parameters of the 9-shape antenna in single and dual band frequency modes a Return loss b VSWR Directivity patteren in the E and H planes of the monopole antenna at 2.

Dielectric resonator antenna thesis proposal

A truncated metallic ground plane is used for obtaining better radiation efficiency and optimum far- field radiation patterns. You can communicate with them while your request is being fulfilled, and free revisions are available to ensure customer satisfaction.

For the new reconfigurable antenna array, the beam pattern selectivity can be obtained by utilizing a switchable feeding network and the structure of the truncated corners.

A reconfigurable H-shape antenna for wireless applications. Electric Field Surface Plots at a 2. In today’s communication system, reconfigurable antenna’s multifunctional capability plays an advantageous role.

Reconfigurable and multi-functional antennas

Based on reconfigurability of antenna characteristics it is classified into four basic categories—frequency reconfigurable antenna [], polarization reconfigurable antenna [], radiation pattern reconfigurable antenna [], and hybrid (which is the combination of the any of the.

May 07,  · rf mems phd thesis Reconfigurable Antenna Simulation - Duration: 3DS SIMULIA EM 25, views. 5 Ways You're Sitting Wrong at Your Desk. Performance Evaluation of Pattern Reconfigurable Antennas in MIMO Systems by Yu Zhou A thesis submitted in conformity with the requirements performance of fixed antennas.

This thesis studies the possibility of performance increase using pattern reconfigurable antennas as receivers. Their performance potential was. Recon gurable Antennas for Wireless Network Security A Thesis Submitted to the Faculty of Drexel University by Prathaban Mookiah in partial ful llment of the.

The concept of reconfigurable antenna refers to a change in the frequency characteristics, radiation pattern, impedance bandwidth and polarization of an antenna by changing its aperture dimensions or geometry through electrical or mechanical means.

[14] Manoj Joseph,”Microstrip-Fed Compact Dual Band Planar Antenna”, PhD thesis, Cochin.


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Reconfigurable Microwave Semiconductor Plasma Antenna

ad by I have done a seminar on frequency reconfigurable antenna using metasurface. What thesis topic related to antennas should I select? I have done a seminar on frequency reconfigurable antenna using metasurface.

What thesis topic related to antennas should I select?

Reconfigurable antenna thesis
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Reconfigurable antennas and radio wave propagation at millimeter-wave frequencies